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A Pride and Prejudice cross stitch pattern for free!

Download the cross stitch pattern for free from  It’s one of my favorite, and probably everyone’s, quote from Pride and Prejudice. “You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.” #freecrossstitchpattern #freecrossstitch #prideandprejudice #janeausten #crossstitch #crossstitchersofinstagram #crossstitchlove #freepattern View on Instagram

Enter to Win a copy of The Rescue of Elizabeth Bennet!

Enter to win one of 3 copies of The Rescue of Elizabeth Bennet! Winners will be drawn on 1/21 by random number generator. Enter here:

Coming Soon – The Rescue of Elizabeth Bennet

The book is getting proofread right now.  I am hoping it will be published by the end of this week.

Shipwrecks! And getting ready for a book launch.

There is so much to do when getting ready for a book launch. So many graphics to make, things to do with so many sub parts, it is a full time job before the launch and then after. I do nothing else except things for the book for several days. But, I can watch TV…
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I need ARC readers for The Rescue of Elizabeth Bennet

Would you like to read the not-yet-proofread-final-copy and then leave a review on Amazon?  If so, fill out the form here so I know where to send it. Thank you!  

I am distracted by shiny

Yes, that’s me. Distracted when the going gets rough. I’m so scared of ending the book wrong and making everyone mad that I’ve avoided working on it the last two days and have instead been making up cross stitch patterns. Sorry. I’ll get back to work on the book today!

Love my sisters but…

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Prepare witty discourse before the ball

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Another Elizabeth Bennet New Years Resolution

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New Years Resolution for Elizabeth Bennet

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Reworking Extortion or The Rescue of Elizabeth Bennet

I have substantially altered the story from chapters 23-28.  I’ve got 4 beta readers on it right now to give me ideas and advice on what to add, remove to make the story better. And of course ideas on how to improve that horrible ending that 98% of readers thought was far too short. I…
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Well that’s one way to wake up in the morning

Nothing like running down the street at 6:30 in the morning at 21 F to chase down the escaped corgi.

Acne in the Regency Era?

So I’ve been battling awful acne for awhile. It turns out that I was doing the worst thing imaginable for my dry skin, using an astringent on it. UGH. Don’t you wish they taught you this stuff in high school or college? Anyway, I got to thinking about those poor girls in the Regency era…
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Worst Thanksgiving Ever

I am truly thankful for all the reviews, with helpful feedback and ones just to tell me they can’t wait for the next chapter. You  will be amazed at how much they help on tough days. Yesterday was a tough day. I was an hour into my drive to my parent’s house when my mother…
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Oh, Mr. Collins!

LOL.   In other news I believe my sinuses are better but today is another day of my being absolutely exhausted. I woke up exhausted. It feels like I don’t even have the energy to walk across the room. I don’t know what is wrong but it is really affecting my work. I didn’t write…
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My throat hurts…

Sinuses are still killing me. My throat is killing me. I normally write by dictation but have not wrote all week thanks to sore throat. 🙁

Giveaway Winners Announced!

Congratulations to the giveaway winners of Forced to Marry! Out of 134 entrants, there were 3 winners! Marty Gorcos, Jenny Ward and Jennifer Schantz! Emails have been sent with their download links to their free book. Thank you everyone that entered!

A Wassail recipe perfect for Fall

Ready for a fall wassail recipe? I got this from a friend. It’s been in her family for generations. 64 oz apple juice 1.5c cranberry juice cinnamon sticks 1 sliced orange speared with cloves 2 tsp cinnamon 1/4 nutmeg 1/2 tsp ginger 1/4 all spice

Regency era ball recreated

This is pretty cool! I would love to go to one of these!

Win a copy of Forced to Marry!

Win a copy of Forced to Marry! 3 winners will be chosen on November 8th. Fill out the form here.  Winners will be drawn by random number generator.

Forced to Marry coming November 6th

I had to change the name as there is another JAFF already published with Forced to Wed. So the book is now Forced to Marry. And the cover is done. Finally.

I need ARC readers

I need 4 more ARC readers for my ARC Team. You’ll get a free Advanced Reader Copy of Forced to Wed. You will need to read it and review the book on Amazon when it is published next week.  Let me know if you     would like to volunteer.

It is impossible to edit with a cat

Babou has been rolling around on my keyboard tray, laying on the keyboard, attacking the mouse so that chunks of text have disappeared. Thank goodness for CTRL Z which undoes the last action.  That damn cat. I don’t want to kick him off because he only wants head scratches about once a day. But it’s…
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My back is killing me

Somehow, someway I managed to do my back in on Saturday. Went to a Halloween party Saturday night and all I could do was sit in a recliner in the corner and not move. Very festive! 🙁 So no writing was done yesterday or today. Hopefully the chiropractor can jump on my back or whatever…
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Insomnia How I Hate Thee

Insomnia how I hate thee, let me count the ways…

The Words are Flowing But I Need a Book Title

I just banged out over 7,000 words on Compromised! I did a search on Amazon and found that there are two already published JAFF books called Compromised. I’m obviously going to have to rename it before I publish. Suggest some names! Compromised and Crabby? Forced to Marry? Darcy’s D’oh? Ball and Chain? Caught and Compromised?…
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I Made a Vision Board

I made a vision board and put it up. My cat knocked it down. I put it up in a new spot. My cat knocked it down on my head. Apparently I am not to have any goals other than his needs and wants.

Pride and Prejudice and Secrets is finished!

I just finished writing the epilogue of Pride and Prejudice and Secrets.  Whew! I need to edit it, then get these new chapters edited.  ARC team get ready as the book may be going out to you on Friday.

Pictures from the Jane Austen festival

I ran across these photos online. It’s of the Regency dress parade that opens the Jane Austen festival in Bath. That would be so much fun to be part of!  I love the photo of the police with the tiny umbrella.

Dictation Fail – Mr. Darcy is Darth C

According to my dictation software, “Darcy” is actually “Darth C”.  A new villain in the Star Wars empire?  Darth Vader better watch out!  LOL

Horrible headache – no update today

I’m sorry readers. I have the worst headache today. There probably will not be a chapter posted today. I may try to edit through it, or give up and lie down with ice on my head and a washcloth on my eyes.  

Oh that Mr. Darcy

He’s teasing Elizabeth about cows again in Chapter 23. I’m so excited because I can see the end from here!

Book title and cover for the Sequel to PPP!

The Sequel to Pride and Prejudice and Poison now has a real title! And book cover!  Hooray! Pride and Prejudice and Secrets

The Windflower by Laura London – WOW

I don’t know about you, but I love me some pirate stories! There has to be romance, of course, and the story has not be too realistic i.e. absolutely no rape.  Which means no pirate romance I read is realistic.  But The Windflower is the most realistic one I’ve read. SPOILERS BELOW – BEWARE ME…
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An easy way to find that Pride and Prejudice variation!

I was having a hard time scrolling through Amazon, searching for certain Pride and Prejudice variations and I got tired of it.  Fed up with it.  So I created a site with categories for the many P&P variations. Pride and Prejudice I have a contact form so you can tell me what categories need…
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Thank you reviewers!

I rely on the reviews for each posted chapter of Pride and Prejudice and Poison at, for feedback regarding how the story is going, what readers think will happen next and what I’ve gotten wrong about Regency England. Every review is read though I don’t comment on them as I don’t have the time.…
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