Part 3 of Mr. Darcy’s Pursuit of Elizabeth Bennet is out now!

I’m so excited! It’s finally here. Read it on Amazon.

If Elizabeth says “yes,” she may save her reputation. First, they’ll have to make it to the altar.

Mr. Darcy has moved heaven and earth to propose to Miss Elizabeth Bennet and to make amends for the damage to her prospects and reputation. His aunt, Lady Catherine, will cause no end of trouble given the chance.

Even if he manages to secure Elizabeth’s hand in marriage, Mr. Darcy won’t be convinced she is his until they are man and wife—in every way. Each minute in her beguiling presence is exquisite torture, and the unwitting Elizabeth is driving him to madness.

Miss Elizabeth Bennet knows marrying into the Darcy line will secure her future, but what of the man himself? Mr. Darcy’s behavior has been a study in contradictions, and Elizabeth doesn’t know if she can trust him with her heart.

Her body, however, has other ideas. The more time she spends around Mr. Darcy, the more appealing the idea of being married to him becomes…

Part 3 of a 4 part novella series featuring Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy.