pirate Mr. Darcy

Shipwrecks! And getting ready for a book launch.

There is so much to do when getting ready for a book launch. So many graphics to make, things to do with so many sub parts, it is a full time job before the launch and then after. I do nothing else except things for the book for several days.

But, I can watch TV while I do some of the work and so I’m watching shows about shipwrecks. I got hooked on the hunt for the RMS Republic and have moved on to watching the Ship Hunters. Wouldn’t it be neat to dive and find gold at the old shipwrecks?

Would Mr. Darcy have travelled across the Atlantic to visit the Bahamas or any other British island? What if he got shipwrecked? What if he was captured by pirates?  Would anyone read a book like this?

OMG There are two pirate Mr. Darcy books! Pirates and Prejudice and The Dread Mr. Darcy. I can’t wait to read them!