I am better and writing again

I have not updated in a while but I have been getting better! Now that I’m on the other side of it, I realize how very ill I really was.
Thank you all for your helpful suggestions, caring comments, and prayers!
After an ER visit with pretty bad shortness of breath and 90 on the oximeter, I got steroids and an inhaler. I seemed to get better until fever sweats/shivering started and I was exhausted again.
After 1.5 weeks of that, a burning in my side made me realize that a cat scratch on my side near the back had not healed but instead was really infected. Since I had been on steroids, and very ill, cat scratch fever (not the Ted Nugent song) set in.
After a few days on an antibiotic, I started to improve. The antibiotic is over and I’m still getting better. I’m not having breathing problems or lung pain anymore. I’m still not as strong, and after doing something I have to sit down.
I have started working on my latest story, a steamy Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth novella. I cannot dictate yet, so this is slow going. It is so much harder to type a story than dictate. I’m at 12,196 words right now so I hope this will be finished and published the first full week of May.