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So I’m still not entirely back to 100% yet

I thought I was fine near the end of April, up and around, walking half the block, doing some light cleaning. But 2020 was not done yet.

My lung pain and shortness of breath came back. I’ve got a steroid inhaler now and breathing exercises. Finally, after two weeks of the steroid inhaler, I have not had shortness of breath or lung pain for nearly a week. What the heck hit my lungs?!  I tested negative for the COVID 19 coronavirus, but I had all the symptoms. Even the second week thinking I was recovering only to really get bad.

Anyway, I can breathe enough that I can go back to dictating! The typing was just difficult. I am so used to dictating that it was like walking through molasses in winter to type out the scene. I am hoping I can finally get this latest book out in May.