I’m still sick with some virus causing shortness of breath and painful lungs

I got sick on March 11th with a fever, dry cough, painful lungs, and exhaustion. Then shortness of breath started March 14th. I thought I was recovering and getting more energy on the 21st. My lungs only hurt when I expended energy like walking across the room, no shortness of breath and then by the 23rd my lungs didn’t hurt.

Then when I slowly walked the dog 7 houses down and then back my lungs were painful firey hell and I was so short of breath I was almost wheezing. And it’s stayed that way.

The shortness of breath is the symptom that irritates me because having to breathe heavily after speaking 4 words is just plain annoying. It’s worse and I do the whole wheezing thing if I try to talk for a few minutes.

Two tests have come back negative for the coronavirus, however, the ER doctor told me the test is only 60-70% accurate.

My CT scan showed ground-glass opacities in my lungs from collapsed airways/sacs. Bloodwork shows it has to be a virus. Heart and liver blood work is good. My spleen is enlarged 15cm.

At this point, I can only think I have the coronavirus and the test is inaccurate. Or I have a virus the ER doctor, and my primary doctor doesn’t know about that has symptoms similar to the coronavirus….

So, my writing stopped completely on March 11th. I put almost all my books in Kindle Unlimited for every one laid off or saving money because who knows what the world will be like in the coming months.

A benefit of putting my books in KU is that I’m making $80 a day now instead of less than half of that before. That’s what happens when you don’t release a new book since December. So, if you’d like to read the books again in KU, or for the first time, please check them out in KU!

If you have any tips on how to beat a virus or happen to know what whacky virus is kicking my butt, please let me know! And stay safe out there.

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