Chapters of Pride and Prejudice and Aliens General New Releases

Pride and Prejudice and Aliens is Now Published!

????????❤️ It seems like I’ve been working on this book forever! I got the idea last year when the UFOs were seen over Canada and Montana. A link for those that think I’ve had too much laudanum:… I had so much fun writing this. Imagine Pride and Prejudice interrupted with a bang by an unusual silver object that crashes outside of Meryton during an assembly. Mrs. Bennet and the other marriage-minded mamas have their sights…

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Chapters of Oh Mary New Releases

Locked in Love and Mary’s to Blame – Clean and Sweet Pride and Prejudice Variation

New Release: Tuesday March 21st! Price will increase after it goes live! When a jealous scheme by her younger sister Mary goes awry, Elizabeth Bennet finds herself locked in a room at the Netherfield Ball with the last man she’d ever want to be trapped with. In a desperate attempt to escape the compromising situation, Mr. Darcy lifts Elizabeth to an open window. But their hopes of secrecy are shattered when they are caught in a…

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Chapters of Mr. Darcy's Sheep General New Releases

A Sheepish Encounter at Pemberley is released on Amazon!

Things look baaaaad for our dear couple when Elizabeth and the Gardiners visit Pemberley… Elizabeth Bennet is touring the Peak District with her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner. Little do they know that as they make their way to Pemberley, fate has other plans for them. When Elizabeth arrives, she finds herself admiring the lake when a wet Mr. Darcy, having been knocked in the water by a sheep, stumbles across her. But the chaos…

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