Chapters of Oh Mary New Releases

Locked in Love and Mary’s to Blame – Clean and Sweet Pride and Prejudice Variation

New Release: Tuesday March 21st! Price will increase after it goes live!

When a jealous scheme by her younger sister Mary goes awry, Elizabeth Bennet finds herself locked in a room at the Netherfield Ball with the last man she’d ever want to be trapped with.
In a desperate attempt to escape the compromising situation, Mr. Darcy lifts Elizabeth to an open window. But their hopes of secrecy are shattered when they are caught in a scandalous embrace, forcing them into a hasty marriage neither desires.
Burdened by long-held prejudices and meddling family members, Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet must learn to overcome their differences and find common ground if they hope to achieve a love as unforgettable as their less-than-fairytale beginning…