An Easy Way to Find New Pride & Prejudice Variation Releases

Are you like me, you miss the latest new Pride and Prejudice variation releases on Amazon because you don’t have time to check daily or even weekly?

I decided to do something about it. Introducing the New Releases post on the Jane Austen Challenge website. A list of all the new releases from the previous week will be posted on the site under the New Releases & Specials link on the menu.

If there are special prices on Darcy and Elizabeth books that authors let us know, we’ll include it in the new release post.

The link will be updated every Saturday morning with the new releases from that previous week.

Sign up to that website to get the list in your email.

Who is this we I keep mentioning?  Violet King is also joining me in keeping the list of new releases and specials updated.

This is not a paid list, no author pays to get on the list. We’re just doing this because we love the genre.