The Windflower by Laura London – WOW

I don’t know about you, but I love me some pirate stories! There has to be romance, of course, and the story has not be too realistic i.e. absolutely no rape.  Which means no pirate romance I read is realistic.  But The Windflower is the most realistic one I’ve read.

SPOILERS BELOW – BEWARE ME HEARTIES (sorry, I couldn’t help it)

The pirate had indifference as to whether she lived or died. She was held captive. The pirates made threats and carried them out. Well, except for that time she escaped again and Devon did not whip her. I was so scared that the book would have it end with her dying, or her getting back to her Aunt and marrying some boring man that I quit reading in the middle just to find a synopsis of the this book on Google. I had to know there was a happily ever after!

And yes, the book made me cry several times.

I’m not sure Devon all civilized and content to be on land is realistically in keeping with his characterization. I do wish there was a sequel because I bet that in less than two months they’re both back on board the Black Joke. And of course, Cat going to Oxford? Who thought that was going to work? I again wish there was a sequel. To follow Merry and Devon and Cat. Especially the relationship between Cat and Rand Morgan. Hmm….