Reworking Extortion or The Rescue of Elizabeth Bennet

I have substantially altered the story from chapters 23-28.  I’ve got 4 beta readers on it right now to give me ideas and advice on what to add, remove to make the story better. And of course ideas on how to improve that horrible ending that 98% of readers thought was far too short.

I have never, in all the 9 novels I’ve published, ever had a problem with a story. And this one has had several big ones!  It’s enough to give me complex.  Or perhaps as one reviewer stated “you are an excellent writer no more”.

Ok, I don’t believe that. I’ve got my favorite authors and sometimes they throw out a bad book or three out of 25.  I’ll get my mojo back. Maybe it’s the holiday stresses getting to me.

2 thoughts on “Reworking Extortion or The Rescue of Elizabeth Bennet”

  1. Hey, sometimes it doesn’t all go as planned. I, for myself, loved the story. AND I want to know what the changes you made are. How can I go about reading them before you go to print?

    1. I just updated all the reworked chapters with the new text. Start at chapter 19. I’m editing some text, about 1,700 words, to add to the end of chapter 27. Then I need to add more to the end of the story.