Chapters of Mary Quite Contrary

Chapter 2 of Mary Quite Contrary – JAFF Story

Edited – Jan. 1, 2023 to add an intimate scene.

Elizabeth shuddered as a cold tremor ran down her spine. If anyone learnt of them together like this—locked in a room together—her reputation would be ruined.
Her heart raced as she frantically tried to think of a way out of this situation. “We must pretend that this never happened,” she blurted out, hoping he would agree.
Mr. Darcy scrutinized her for a few moments before finally responding. “Agreed.”
Then he skirted past her towards the door. After several minutes of jiggling and turning the knob, he still couldn’t unlock it, which only increased Elizabeth’s dread. What were they going to do now? How could they emerge from the room without being noticed unless someone from the other side opened it for them?
Mr. Darcy crossed his arms, his expression impenetrable in the darkness. He snarled, “What possessed you to permit your sister to drag you away from the ballroom like that? Don’t you value your reputation?”
Elizabeth bristled at his tone and words, feeling wronged by both Mary and Mr. Darcy alike for treating her with such disdain. Elizabeth felt her anger rise. Here he was, accusing her of not valuing about what people might think, but he had clearly been doing something just as scandalous. Lurking in this room alone.
“I understand why you would be concerned about propriety,” Elizabeth said slowly, defiantly meeting Mr. Darcy’s gaze. “But I think you should consider your own attitude before criticizing mine. What were you doing here alone in this room, hiding in the dark, sir?”
He angrily answered, “I was seeking a place to think. To escape the clamor and disarray of the ballroom, if you must know.”
She paused, letting out a long breath before continuing firmly. “You have made it unmistakably evident that you consider yourself superior to others here in Hertfordshire–which is understandable given your affluence and high societal standing. But I have noticed that you have conducted yourself rudely and haughtily towards those around you. As opposed to kindness or respect.”
Mr. Darcy seemed astonished by Elizabeth’s boldness, his expression turning to one of wariness and amazement. He opened his mouth to answer, but Elizabeth didn’t permit him the opportunity as she continued her tirade.
“It is not a wonder people have formed opinions about your character,” she said with an elevated brow. “You have not gone out of your way to prove them wrong.”
Mr. Darcy stepped forward, his eyes narrowing as Elizabeth spoke. His expression was unreadable, but she could sense the tension emanating off him. She braced herself against whatever he was going to say.
His dark stare locked onto hers, and he spoke quietly yet firmly.
“I understand your vexation with me, Miss Bennet,” he uttered, clipped yet surprisingly kindly. “But I assure you there is more to my character than meets the eye.”
Elizabeth felt her anger beginning to abate at his words. The intimate setting and their proximity were overwhelming, and she felt her cheeks blaze with heat.
Still, she maintained her composure and averted her gaze from his. She knew she must take into account not only her reputation but their situation as well. They were still caged in the room with no way of getting out without alerting the whole house.
Her voice barely audible, she said, “I suggest we keep our voices hushed and do our best to escape this room without being spotted.”
Mr. Darcy nodded in agreement, his voice deepening slightly to a more intimate tone. Elizabeth felt her cheeks growing hotter at his response, and she felt butterflies flutter in her stomach.
They both stood there for a moment, the oppressive silence intensifying the tension between them. Elizabeth knew that without caution, the situation could escalate quickly, making it very difficult to return to propriety.
Finally, Mr. Darcy spoke. “We must make haste. Let us keep on searching for a way out of this room together.”
Elizabeth’s heart skipped a beat at his words, and her throat becoming parched. She nodded in agreement, unable to trust herself to speak.
Mr. Darcy nodded in agreement before turning back to the door handle in frustration. As much as Elizabeth wanted to be angry at him, she could also feel a hint of admiration for his determination not to give up until they found a way out.
After still no success fussing with the door, including pounding on it and hollering, Mr. Darcy swore. “We have tried everything! Maybe our only way out is through that window.” He turned towards the square of faint moonlight.
Elizabeth looked up in surprise. Was he suggesting they climb out of the window? It was a long way down, and she wasn’t sure she would be able to make it.
But Mr. Darcy had already moved towards the window and was assessing the best route down.
“I could go for help,” he said, his voice low and determined.
Elizabeth shook her head in disbelief. “It’s too far to jump,” she said, looking out the window at the drop and plentiful plants below. “But if you lower me, I can climb down the bush below the window.”
She looked up at him, daring him to contradict her suggestion. But Mr. Darcy was silent, obviously shocked. “There is much you do not know about me,” she said softly, a hint of challenge in her voice as she held his gaze with her own.
Mr. Darcy took a step back. Shock wrote across his face. “You want me to lower you down the bush? Are you sure?”
Elizabeth nodded determinedly. She wasn’t about to be compromised in this situation and was willing to do whatever it took to make sure no one found out about this.
Mr. Darcy seemed to consider her words before finally nodding slowly in agreement and moving towards the window sill. He looked around but did not find what he was looking for and turned to Elizabeth with a pained expression. “I will have to lift you up onto the ledge.”
She nodded and swallowed. A man’s hands were on her, a man she was not related to, the proud, arrogant, very handsome Mr. Darcy. Her breath quickened as he stepped close. Then he lifted her onto the window sill, his strong hands guiding her carefully. His hands brushed against the sides of her dress, sending a shiver down her spine.
“I will lower you down.”
She turned to swing her legs over the ledge.
“No–” His hand on her leg burned, and she stopped her movement immediately at the shock. Mr. Darcy withdrew his hand as if he was burnt by the contact.
“Pardon me.” His voice was almost inaudible, but she could feel his breath on her neck as he spoke. “But I was — you must face me when you go down — I mean, you must look at me so you can brace your feet against the wall as I lower you.”
Elizabeth closed her eyes for a moment, savoring his closeness before finally nodding in agreement. Then she turned back, trying to pull her dress down that had risen up, exposing her legs below the knee.
Mr. Darcy’s gaze lingered, a mixture of emotions playing in his eyes as he studied her exposed skin. She could feel her cheeks flush and tried to push her dress down, but he reached out and softly clasped her hand, stopping her. His fingers were gentle as they caressed her skin, sending a wave of sensations coursing through her body.
Elizabeth gasped and felt a blush rise on her cheeks while she was frozen in shock at the liberties Mr. Darcy had just taken with her body. But she also couldn’t deny the pleasure that his touch brought. Elizabeth had never allowed anyone to touch her so intimately and found herself strangely wanting more despite her convictions, sense of propriety, and dislike of the proud man himself. However, he was the most handsome man she had ever met.
Mr. Darcy seemed to sense her internal struggle, and his fingers slowly moved up her arm, exploring every inch of skin he could find. His eyes were still locked on hers as if daring her to tell him to stop. He moved closer, his breath tickling her neck as he whispered in her ear. “Let me continue touching and exploring you.”
Elizabeth’s breath hitched at the intimate and scandalous request. She would tell him, no, to demand what he was doing, but she could not catch her breath.
Mr. Darcy continued his exploration of her body with a newfound sense of ownership. He moved his hand up, trailing light circles on her skin while his other arm supported her waist as she leaned against him, sitting on the window.
Elizabeth gasped in surprise – it felt so right like something had been missing all these years, and now it was finally back in its rightful place – in Mr. Darcy’s embrace.
He paused for a moment before his fingertips began to trail around the edge of the fabric, exploring its texture and shape with almost reverent awe. Elizabeth inhaled sharply as she felt the warmth and pressure of his touch against her thigh, sending thrills throughout her body that left her breathless.
His gaze never wavered from hers, and she could feel herself succumbing to his ministrations even though she knew it was wrong. Not only wrong but with a most disagreeable man, though right now, he did not seem objectionable at all.
Time seemed to stand still as they stayed there, their bodies connected in an intimate embrace. Elizabeth felt like she could stay there forever, feeling the strength of his arms around her and relishing the feeling of being so close to him, of his touch on her legs and back. She looked up at him, taking in all the details of his features – his strong jawline, piercing eyes that seemed to look right into her soul, and the softness of his lips.
Mr. Darcy’s gaze was equally intense as he looked down at her, giving her a small smile that lit up his face before leaning in closer and gently pressing his lips against hers. His lips were soft and gentle yet passionate – unlike anything she had ever experienced. The kiss sent sparks flying through Elizabeth’s body, making her heart race with anticipation.
The moment seemed to last for an eternity until Mr. Darcy eventually drew away from Elizabeth, both of them looking deep into each other’s eyes before his hands moved down to her waist. Elizabeth felt his fingers lightly trace her curves, sending a shiver up her spine as he moved lower until they were finally between her legs.
She felt a warmth spread through her body as Mr. Darcy’s hands began to rub gently. The sensation was unlike anything she had ever experienced. An exquisite pleasure radiated throughout her entire body, making her feel alive in ways she never thought possible.
Gently, he massaged her in circles, the sensation so intense that it made Elizabeth want to cry out in pleasure. His touch was skillful but unhurried, each stroke of his finger increasing the warmth spreading through her body. As his touch became firm, Elizabeth’s breathing grew shallow, and she found herself wanting him even more.
She let out a soft moan as Mr. Darcy continued to stroke and caress her. He brought her closer and closer to the brink of euphoria until finally, with one last motion, he sent wave after wave of pleasure coursing through her body until she was left trembling in his arms.
When Elizabeth finally opened her eyes again, Mr. Darcy was looking at her with an expression of pure adoration – one that seemed to say everything without words. She could only stare before he leaned in for another kiss – one that seemed to last for eternity but also not long enough.
Eventually, they reluctantly drew away from each other, both still trembling with their experience’s intensity. Elizabeth let out a sigh before looking up at Mr. Darcy. What were they going to do now?
Mr. Darcy stepped back, still looking at her with an intensity that left Elizabeth feeling breathless. He cleared his throat and spoke in a low voice. “We must hurry before someone finds us here.”
Elizabeth nodded silently, her heart still pounding in her chest. She had never imagined that being stuck in a room with Mr. Darcy could lead to something like this.
Mr. Darcy grabbed her hands in his. “Turn slowly, and I will–“
The door to the room flew open, accompanied by the sounds of the ball, along with a gasping shriek. Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy spun around to face the intruders, none other than Caroline Bingley holding onto the door, horrified, with a smug Mary standing behind her. Startled, Elizabeth nearly lost her balance and would have fallen out of the window if Mr. Darcy hadn’t been quick enough to catch her.
“Did you find Darcy? Is he in there?” Mr. Bingley’s concerned voice grew louder. “Why are you standing there? Is –“
Elizabeth felt her cheeks burn with heat as Mr. Darcy steadied her against his chest. He stepped aside only to jump back as she nearly lost her balance and fell off the window ledge again.

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