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Assizes Courts in the Regency Era

I have been researching the hell out of the court system in the Regency era. I need to have Mr. Collins in court but there are so many questions.  I’m compiling info here for anyone else that needs it.  Or is curious. For more serious crimes such as rape or murder, cases were referred to…
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Contractions used in the Regency Era

Show of hands – how many of you knew contractions were used in Regency times?  List is from here but I only kept the ones used by 1810. Jane Austen used ain’t, can’t, don’t, I’ll, I’m, I’ve, ma’am, o’clock, shan’t, ’tis, won’t and you’ll. ain’t – in use by 1780 ‘cause (because) in use by 1450…
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Regency Expressions By Jove!

I needed to find some Regency expressions used when surprised or horrified. I found some and am saving the list here so I, and others, can find it easily. I only kept the Regency ones from this list ahem – c. 1765 bah –c. 1600 balderdash – c.1675 barmy — c. 1600 beastly – c.…
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