Chapters of Pride and Prejudice and Secrets

This is Book 2 in The Poison Series.  

Newly married Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy expect an uneventful life of bliss at Pemberley. Life, however, has other plans…

Between unexpected visitors, scandalous secrets, obnoxious in-laws, and Mr. Darcy’s humorous teasing of Elizabeth about a certain farm animal, their honeymoon never has a dull moment.

Then someone dies…

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Chapter 2 of PPP Sequel

“How is the carriage? Is it to your liking?” Elizabeth smiled and squeezed Mr. Darcy’s hand. “Yes it is. This is the most comfortable ride

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Chapter 3 of PPP Sequel

Author’s Note: I have been watching a few period pieces lately. Upstairs, Downstairs. Downton Abbey. Death Comes to Pemberley. I have decided that if any

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Chapter 5 of Sequel to PPP

Author’s Note: I just have one word about this chapter: cows. Now that the awkward discussion with Mr. Darcy was over, Elizabeth’s nerves did not

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