Bad Review Hall of Fame

Bad reviews Hall of Fame

Sometimes I get reviews that are so mean they actually make me laugh out loud. Like seriously, what kind of a person leaves mean, nasty, vicious reviews to free works in progress?

Here’s one from Chapter 18

nope! didn’t like the first few or the last few chapters. the middle was tolerable… woman don’t need to be beaten up with everyone of their mistakes either physically or verbally… Darcy is a self righteous little asshole who swelled up like a bullfrog with indignation at every little thing. That frog needs flogging much more but I don’t think your twilight addled mind can process maturity right now. this Cinderella shit, I won’t bother.
The funny thing is that this person read all the chapters! LOL
Here’s another one from Chapter 19
Keira Nightly banned her daughter from watching old Disney movies so that she may have a picture of women not always need of rescue. However, the older generation of women should also be able to get to the conclusion too. Watch some newer movies and save your self from abusive / manipulative Prince Charmings.
LOL These kill me!

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