Steamy Pride and Prejudice Variations Books by Demi Monde

All Miss Elizabeth has left is her pride…

After Mr. Bennet’s death, Elizabeth Bennet is cast out of Longbourn. Escaping a one way trip to a brothel, Elizabeth finds work at an inn, a new low.

After Mr. Darcy’s proposal to Elizabeth at Hunsford is rejected, he still longs for her. Stumbling upon her at a roadside inn, he offers her a life of luxury… as his mistress.

Mr. Darcy will stop at nothing to make Elizabeth his own. But will her pride keep them apart?

This sensual Pride and Prejudice variation novella is the first part of a four part series featuring a slow burn, enemies to lovers, seduction and chase of Elizabeth Bennet that ends with them married happily ever after. 

A ball. A ripped hem. Mr Darcy’s desires…

If Elizabeth Bennet thinks she can hide from Mr. Darcy after pestering him about Wickham during the ball, she can think again.
But when Mr. Darcy opens the guest bedroom door and discovers Elizabeth dressed only in her chemise… thinking is the last thing on his mind.

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Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth’s wedding night interrupted…

The newly married Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy arrive at Pemberley ready to enjoy the benefits of marriage… especially the one benefit they’d yet to savor.
Their hopes are deflated, among other things, when his aunt Lady Catherine de Bourgh makes an unexpected and unwanted visit. 
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Mr. Darcy is determined Elizabeth will know how much he ardently admires her …

When he unexpectedly discovers Elizabeth touring his estate he grabs this second chance at romance, determined to show her… everything….
Elizabeth is nonplussed at Mr. Darcy’s changed behavior. Soon she appreciates how much he has changed along with the depth of his admiration….
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Mr. Darcy rings Elizabeth’s bell …. he tells her what he wants, what he really, really wants

Mr. Darcy and his new wife Elizabeth, travel to visit their friends, the Bingleys. 
A carriage accident, a deep secret revealed by Mr. Darcy, a snowball fight and jingling bells all make an appearance during this romantic interlude of the Darcy’s married life. 
Mr. Darcy Rings My Bell is a 10,000 word steamy, sensual and intimate Pride and Prejudice retelling short story.
steamy pride and prejudice

Three steamy Pride and Prejudice variations in a collection for the first time.

Mr. Darcy is Diverted A ball. A ripped hem. Mr Darcy’s desires…

Darcy Interrupted Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth’s wedding night interrupted…

Pemberley’s Secret Mr. Darcy is determined Elizabeth will know how much he ardently admires her …

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