Chapters of Rescued By Mr. Darcy Or Was She?

Part 2 of Mr. Darcy’s Pursuit of Elizabeth Bennet is out now!

Yeah! You can now read the Part 2 novella of this series on Amazon.

One can only keep a scandal from the ears of society for so long…

Miss Elizabeth Bennet has escaped Mr. Darcy’s grasp. Again.

He should let her go. She’s refused him twice, and that humiliation ought to be enough to cool
any man’s ardor. Why, then, has he followed her to London? Is it out of some misguided duty
to protect Miss Elizabeth from herself, or is he more desperate to possess her than ever?

After reuniting with Jane and the Gardiners, Lizzy wishes the past few weeks were merely a
bad dream. Perhaps if she lies low, the events surrounding the disastrous governess position
and Mr. Darcy’s indecent proposal will be nothing more than memories.

But gossip has a way of finding a sympathetic ear, and Elizabeth will find that outrunning
disaster isn’t as simple as outwitting a suitor…

Part 2 of a 4 novella series featuring Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. Read it on Amazon.