Darcy Interrupted

Chapter 7 of Darcy Interrupted by Demi Monde (formerly Polluting the Halls of Pemberley)

Mr. Jameson had been surprised by Lady Catherine de Bourgh’s abrupt appearance at Pemberley, again. But he quickly recovered and rushed to stand in front of her. “Your Ladyship, Mr. Darcy is not available.”

She had been glaring at the butler but now raised herself to her full height with an added chin raise. “Bring me to my nephew at once.”

Mr. Jameson, already standing tall, pushed his shoulders back and added a chin tilt of his own. “I am afraid Mr. Darcy is not to be disturbed. You had been asked by him to leave the premises this morning, therefore I must ask you to leave again.”

Mrs. Reynolds the housekeeper rushed across the entryway to stand next to the butler. They were now a wall preventing Lady Catherine from accessing Pemberley.

Lady Catherine glared at them both. “Bring me to Mr. Darcy at once!”

Mrs. Reynolds pursed her lips. “As Mr. Jameson said, Mr. Darcy is not available. You must leave the premises.”

“Are you going to deny me seeing my nephew when his aunt is in need of assistance?”

Mr. Jameson looked heavenwards as Mrs. Reynolds answered. “Your Ladyship, you are aware of Mr. Darcy’s wishes regarding your unexpected arrivals at Pemberley. He does not wish you to stay here and does not prefer you to enter the house.”

Lady Catherine de Bourgh banged her cane upon the marble floor. Mrs. Reynolds frowned and clenched her fists as she looked down at the marble treated so abominably by her ladyship.

“You would like me to go then?”

Mr. Jameson narrowed his eyes and nodded.

Lady Catherine swung her arm out towards the front door. “Well, go out and look! Tell me how I am to leave Pemberley?”

Both the butler and housekeeper shared a look. The butler walked past Lady Catherine, opened the front door and walked out. There was no carriage with the de Bourgh coat of arms.

There however was a phaeton with a young dandy in the driver’s seat. At seeing the butler he yelled out. “Her Ladyship said she knows the owner of Pemberley and that I could expect a reward for delivering her here.”

The butler closed his eyes and groaned. He opened them again to see one of the dandy’s high-spirited horses side stepping and pulling at the bit, taking all the dandy’s attention.

He closed the door and turned with a motion for Mrs. Reynolds to come to him. Mrs. Reynolds in turn motioned for a footman to stand near Lady Catherine before she walked over to Mr. Jameson.

“Her carriage is not here. There is a dandy in a phaeton that is awaiting a reward, that Lady Catherine promised him, for delivering her Ladyship to Pemberley.”

Mrs. Reynolds closed her eyes and sighed. “I will see to the reward getting out to the man. We will have to find out what the problem is with Lady Catherine’s carriage. Perhaps we can still help her leave the county.”


Elizabeth was still amazed that she was almost entirely unclothed in the library during the day with her husband. She bit her cheek to stop a giggle at the thought of writing Jane about Mr. Darcy convincing her that the marriage bed could be had during daytime, in the library and was still proper. 

Her musings were forced out of her head by Mr. Darcy reaching into her chemise and reverently lifting out both breasts. Elizabeth bit the inside of her cheek to keep from laughing at how he stared at them like they were the crown jewels. Her amusement turned to exquisite pleasure when Mr. Darcy kissed and licked her nipples. He squeezed and fondled them while groaning.

Elizabeth ran her hands through the curls of his hair and wished she could reach his chest or some part of him other than just the top of his head. She did enjoy his attention to her body, but she wanted to examine him as well. “Fitzwilliam,” she lightly tugged his hair, “I would like to explore you as well. Could you come up here?”

She did not think he had heard her but Mr. Darcy groaned and slowly moved up lying on his side next to her on the chaise facing Elizabeth. She giggled at his pout. “There is more to me than just my chest Mr. Darcy.”

He leaned over and kissed her with deep and passionate fervor. “I know. I plan to explore every inch of you.”

Elizabeth was breathing heavy from the kiss but that did not stop her unbuttoning his shirt. She pulled the sides apart gazed at his muscular chest and hair. “You are so muscled!”

“You did not expect that?”

Elizabeth shook her head while she lightly trailed her fingers over his chest. “I did not. You are a land owner.” That was all she could manage to get out with how distracted she was by his chest and stomach. She was fascinated with the movement of his muscles as she dragged her fingers over them. If Miss Bingley knew of Mr. Darcy’s physique that she had missed out on, the woman would wail and gnash her teeth forever.

“I am not idle like many of the upper class. I fence, I ride, I —” Mr. Darcy grabbed Elizabeth’s hand before she brushed against the hard perturbance in his breeches.

“I fear if you touch me there, I will not be able to stop myself. I want to get you ready before I allow you to do that.”

Elizabeth nodded though she was quite confused as to what he meant. He would not be able to stop and she had to get ready? What a bizarre thing this marriage bed must be.

Mr. Darcy pulled her chemise up. Elizabeth squeezed his shoulder and the chaise to keep herself from covering her woman parts with her hands. 

“Do not be frightened. There is nothing to be frightened of.”

“No man has ever seen this part of me.”

Mr. Darcy smiled and gazed at her from under heavy-lidded eyes while he pulled her chemise up to the top of her thighs. He trailed his fingers down her thighs leaving hot tingles and making her fidget. When he ran his fingers through her curls she jumped.

Mr. Darcy chuckled.

“It is not funny.”

He kissed her stomach which caused Elizabeth to gasp. He dragged his fingers over her stomach, through her curls, over her legs. Then he slowly pushed her legs apart with his hand and continued exploring. She jumped again when his fingers reached deeper into her curls.

She cried out and dug her fingers deeper into his shoulder. “What are you doing?”

“I am making you feel good.” He leaned over and kissed her slowly, deeply while he pushed a finger inside her.

Elizabeth was startled but she could not jump with his weight on her chest. Mr. Darcy moved his finger in and out, circling driving her mad. Her body was screaming for him, for something to go in there. She felt like a wanton lightskirt spreading her legs wider. She knew not why she spread her legs, it just felt like the right thing to do. 

“Oh, Fitzwilliam!” Elizabeth was panting. She was overcome by so many strong urges. She hoped Mr. Darcy did not think her wanton. Truly she had not done anything like this. And she had not even seen all of him yet.


The butler and housekeeper learned that Lady Catherine de Bourgh’s carriage had a broken axle a good ways away, at least ten miles. It was not near any town that could repair the carriage. Her luggage and servants would have to be moved to another carriage, and her broken carriage rigged to be able to be pulled behind.

Mr. Jameson approached Lady Catherine and informed her of the plans to retrieve her belongings and have the carriage repaired.

“Well it seems as if my nephew has employed decent servants after all.”

Mrs. Reynolds frowned and pursed her lips.

“If you could bring refreshments to the music room, I will be waiting there to speak with my nephew.” Lady Catherine de Bourgh walked around Mrs. Reynolds and up a step of the staircase.

“Lady Catherine, you need to go with the carriage to direct them to where your carriage is broken down. It will not be repaired here at Pemberley, but at Lambton, and you will need to be with it.”

Lady Catherine did not even stop her ascent of the staircase. “Nonsense.”

Mrs. Reynolds rushed to the entry wall and pulled the bell so that footmen would arrive to help her with Mr. Darcy’s recalcitrant aunt.


Mr. Darcy tried to calm himself by slowly breathing through his mouth, but it was not working. He had wanted Elizabeth for so long and she was calling out his name. He was shaking from his need, his desire. His finger came away from her slick.

He unbuttoned his breeches but did not pull them down, not yet. “I must warn you, I… this part of a man’s body is… it may seem rather big and… do not fear.”

He could have smacked himself for being so addlepated. He had probably scared her instead of reassuring her. Mr. Darcy pulled his breeches down with a sigh of relief as he was fully exposed and no longer confined. At the cry from Elizabeth he opened his eyes. “What is wrong?”

She was staring at that part of his body that yearned for her touch. 

He chuckled.

Elizabeth looked up at him with a frown. “Is that supposed to go in me? That is not going to work. There is not a possible way that is going in me!”

He smiled but dimmed when he realized she was truly frightened. Mr. Darcy trailed his fingers along her hair, down her side and over the smooth skin of her hip. “Put your hand on the point and feel. It is soft.”

Elizabeth still stared with fear but gamely reached out a finger and touched the point drawing a deep groan from him. 

“Oh no, did I hurt you?”

He shook his head with his eyes still closed. He was afraid that if he opened them and saw her delicate fingers near his cock, he would explode.  “You did not hurt me but you made me feel quite good. Please touch me again.”

Mr. Darcy breathed heavily through his nose while conjugating Latin verbs, thinking of the fall harvest yields, anything at all except for Elizabeth’s soft fingers on his cock. Finally, he groaned and opened his eyes. He was shaking from need. He could not take it anymore.

“My love I have to be inside you now.”

Thankfully she did not look as frightened as she had several minutes ago. He pushed her legs wider, positioned himself over her and his cock at her entrance. Then with a deep groan he slowly pushed in. He stopped when immediately Elizabeth gasped. He was in pain and exquisite pleasure but he would not move if she was in pain. “Tell me when you feel better, when it does not hurt as much.”

“Oh, it does not hurt now. It is such an odd feeling.”

His lips upturned but with shaking arms he could not hold himself still anymore. He eased in deeper as Elizabeth gasped and squirmed which made it even more difficult for him to be careful with his new bride.  He felt her hands on his back as her breasts tickled the hair on his chest. He bit the inside of his cheek so hard he tasted blood. “Are you comfortable? Can I move?”

“Yes. You are in pain! I am sorry. I did not know this would hurt you.”

He shook his head. His eyes were closed as he knew if he saw her under him, he would lose all control. “It is painful keeping myself still.”

“Then please move. I do not want you in pain.”

He moved. Slowly in, easing almost out and then back in again increasing the tempo. He lost himself in her when she moaned and dug her fingers into his back with her cries. He feathered her forehead and hair with kisses then gave over entirely to the pleasure, the joy of feeling Elizabeth at Pemberley at last.


Lady Catherine de Bourgh was spry for her age. She climbed the staircase and walked down the hall to the library without any footman approaching her. She knew her nephew would be in his favorite room. 

Fitzwilliam would not expect her to ride in the carriage back to her broken carriage. He would especially not make her go to Lambton for repairs. She could not imagine anyone in Lambton, such a small village, to be qualified to repair a well sprung carriage such as hers.

She smiled at the sound of rapid steps up the staircase. Lady Catherine walked faster amused at surprising the servants that she was not a doddering old woman.


Mr. Darcy groaned as stars exploded behind his eyes. He called out Elizabeth’s name and collapsed. He was spent, drained of any and all energy. He shuffled off her so he was lying mainly on his side facing the door with his breeches down around his knees. His right arm was thrown over her stomach as he panted in her ear.

Elizabeth pulled her chemise down over her hips and slowly moved her legs closer together while she herself breathed heavily. 

Neither of them could hear anything over their loud breathing. Nor did either of them have a view of the door to the library. Which was why they did not see the well oiled library door open to admit Lady Catherine de Bourgh.

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  1. Their consummation was beautifully written!! I am glad that they were able to become one before being interrupted by Lady C again…. Boy, she is in for quite the shock! I’m chuckling just thinking about it!!! I can’t wait for the next chapter to be posted!!! Lovely story!!!