Darcy Interrupted

Chapter 1 of Darcy Interrupted by Demi Monde

This will be a short steamy one!

Elizabeth squeezed Mr. Darcy’s hand as they rounded the corner of the long drive and Pemberley finally came into view. She inhaled and squeezed his hand so hard that it must have hurt. The building, the estate was still stunning. Just as magnificent as the first time she had seen it with her aunt and uncle that fateful day.

“Do you still approve?”

She heard a note of humor in his question. It was nearly the same question he had asked the last and only other time she had been at Pemberley. Elizabeth dragged her eyes away from the view and focused on her husband.

“Yes.” Words were not enough to convey all she felt at seeing that grand estate, sitting next to the man she loved, the man who owned that grand estate and had driven her to distraction these last three days of travel.

Mr. Darcy’s lips upturned and his gaze changed from happiness to a deeper and more primary emotion. Elizabeth licked her lips at the desire she saw in his eyes. They had teased each other mercilessly on this trip. He had to teach her how to tease, which she had learned at a rapid pace. Both had wanted to wait until they reached Pemberley to consummate their marriage. And now that they were here…

Mr. Darcy pulled her hand towards him, holding her on his lap as she fell on him. Elizabeth did not even wait to situate herself before she reached for his curly hair, squeezed a handful and put her mouth on his mouth already turned upwards. One of his large hands was on her back, the other squeezing her rump. His hot mouth, inquisitive tongue and groans drove her wild.

During the trip to Derbyshire she learned all sorts of new things about her husband, most of all what drove him nearly wild. And she learned too about herself and what she enjoyed, though he promised her there was more, much more to learn. They had to distract themselves from consummating the marriage in the carriage and so to distract themselves, they talked of what they knew and loved.

Elizabeth blushed at the noise she had just made. She could not help it, his hand was on her left breast kneading it. She moved her rump to have a better angle to kiss and run her hands down his face. Mr. Darcy’s long groan nearly had her stop, but he had taught her in the last few days, that it was not a groan of pain but of exquisite pleasure.

“Oh my love, you will have me unfit to meet the staff.”

The breathy statement against her neck penetrated her fevered mind, and she stopped her kisses, then sat up. Mr. Darcy stared at her heavy lidded, eyes glazed, mouth agape and breathing heavy. Her bosom rapidly rose and fell with her breaths drawing her husband’s gaze. She blushed again with the widest smile. The quite proper Mr. Darcy had come completely undone with her kiss. This must be what a hunter feels like bagging the biggest bird.

“You seem quite proud of yourself, Mrs. Darcy.”

She chuckled and put her hands on his shoulders again. “I am. The great, proud, proper Mr Darcy has come undone by a simple kiss.”

He rose his eyebrows and scoffed. “That was no simple kiss. You were touching me and making the most divine noises of pleasure.”

Elizabeth raised her hands intending to cover her face, but he caught them in his hands and did not let go. “You have nothing to be embarrassed about. I am very happy to hear those noises. To have you squirming in my lap, driven wild by my kisses.”

Elizabeth arched an eyebrow. “Your kisses? Why sir, I believe you stated it was my kisses that drove you undone?”

Mr. Darcy chucked and then froze as the carriage stopped. Elizabeth raised her head in horror. They were at the front steps of Pemberley and she was astride Mr. Darcy like a wanton lightskirt.

He picked her up and set her next to him then they both proceeded to straighten their clothes, run hands over their hair and do whatever they could to make themselves presentable. It would not do for the new mistress of Pemberley to meet the staff looking like she had been nearly ravished in the carriage. Even if she had.
Mr. Darcy could not keep the small smile off his countenance as he adjusted his vest, coat and cravat. Elizabeth, his wife, was no cold fish. She melted at his touch, could not get enough of his kisses. He grinned and wished he could show off his wife to everyone and crow that he had found the best woman, intelligent, kind and craving his touch.

He glanced at Elizabeth who was patting her hair back into place. It was obvious that they were not perfectly presentable, but perhaps the servants would attribute that to being in the carriage all day. If not, well… he did not mind if they thought Mr. and Mrs. Darcy to have a happy marriage. He grinned even bigger and opened the door to the carriage. The footman was still there, having knocked several minutes before. The lad was a good servant though and kept his face blank.

Mr. Darcy turned back, offering his hand to Elizabeth. She held onto his hand as she stepped down the carriage and saw the grand estate not as a day visitor but as the mistress. She inhaled, looked up then left to right as her eyes grew bigger. The number of servants at Pemberley was prodigious. An estate this size needed many servants, and all were lined up in two rows from the carriage to the steps.

He tucked Elizabeth’s arm in his and nodded to Mrs. Reynolds the housekeeper who then stepped forward and curtsied. “Greetings, Mrs. Darcy, I am Mrs. Reynolds the housekeeper. I am quite happy you are finally here.”

He felt so proud of his wife, of the wonderful greeting that he almost burst. From despairing to ever find a woman, to finding and losing her to getting her back and marrying her, his emotions were threatening to overcome him. He would need a stiff drink or he would probably cry from joy.

Mr. Darcy escorted Elizabeth down the lines of servants. She said something nice and smiled at every servant, and there were a large number. By the end of the second line he could tell she was tiring as her smile was forced and she was fidgeting often.

“Mrs. Reynolds, could you have a bath drawn for my wife and myself and brought to our rooms? I am sure Mrs. Darcy would like to rest and wash off the days travel.”

Elizabeth turned towards him with love in her eyes and a smile. He grinned again at her unable to stop smiling. He could not imagine ever not smiling now that he had his love at his home. She squeezed his arm, then they both walked up the steps to enter Pemberley but he stopped Elizabeth and turned back ignoring her quizzical gaze.

“Mr. Butler, could you hold open the door? I shall be unable to do so.”

He turned back to his love with a grin and then smirked at her furrowed brow and mouth open probably to ask why he would be unable to open a door. He bent his knees and swooped her in his arms and stood ready to cross the threshold with his bride.

Elizabeth laughed with her arms around his neck, he beamed so wide his cheeks hurt and stepped across the threshold of Pemberley as the servants cheered and whooped. He was finally home with Elizabeth.

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  1. I am absolutely LOVING this story….you have reeled me in with the lovely picture you have painted of a blissfully happy Darcy and Lizzy!! I love steamy stories, and I am happily anticipating the next chapter. Wonderful beginning to this delightful story!

  2. the begining is great! I love stories that begins with “Mr and Mrs Darcy”, I mean, Lizzie and Darcy, married and at Pemberley. Thoses stories, in my opinion, are the most untertaining to read because there is no point to write again a story Jane Austen did very well in the first place. What happen after their marriage, that’s what I want to imagine! I cant wait to read the 2nd chapter. I am coming from fanfiction.net, by the way !

    1. Glad you came! I too want to find the perfect P&P continued story. But I think most readers would find the after marriage stories boring because the sexual tension and question of “will they marry or not” question is gone.